Farm Certification Procedure

National Standards for Organic Production (NSOP) under the NPOP programme of National Accreditation Board of India requires Organic System Plan (OSP) of Operators to be reviewed and updated annually. For new applicants, the OSP should carry filled-in application as well. OSP format is proprietary to ISCOP’s approach developed in compliance to NAB regulations.

  • Register with ISCOP by filling an Application and the Organic System Plan (OSP) forms.
  • The filled in application may be sent to us along with the registration fees.
  • After receiving the completed application and OSP forms, a mutually agreeable date will be fixed for the inspection of your Farm by the Inspectors of ISCOP.
  • The Inspection Report will be scrutinized by the Evaluator & Quality Manager at the Office of ISCOP
  • If everything is in order, it will be submitted to the Certification Committee which will decide and issue the Scope Certificate for your Farm. The Certificate is valid for only one year and has to be renewed every year.
  • A Contract will be executed between the Operator and ISCOP for maintaining confidentiality and maintaining the organic integrity.


  1. The registration fee for crop production will be Rs.500/- . Kindly give us a call before submitting the Application.
  2. The inspection and certification tariff details will vary depending on the area of the farm.