ISCOP shall adopt the following methodology for dealing with the complaints against the certified operators.

  • When the complaints are received, ISCOP takes immediate step to carry out surprise inspection of the farm to verify the veracity of the complaints and take remedial actions relating to certification.
  • When the complaint is resolved, a documented resolution is made and forwarded  to the complainant and the party concerned.
  • ISCOP shall keep a record of all complaints and remedial actions taken and file in the confidential file.


  • On receipt of appeals from the operator on disputed decision, ISCOP will consider the appeal in the “Appeals Committee” and make final decision. Then it will be communicated to the operator within 30 days from the date of receipt of the appeal.
  • If the final decision of the Appeals Committee is considered unacceptable by the operator, he may appeal to the Accreditation Body within 30 days of the decision given by ISCOP.