Organic Agriculture in India

The International Community is increasingly becoming aware that soul of organic farming is Organic Agriculture and its entities. Organic Agriculture is an environmentally friendly, ecologic production system that promotes and enhances Bio diversity, Biological cycles and Biological activities. It is based on the processes of complete mobilization of on farm resources and adoption of management strategies that fully restore and maintain an ecological harmonious system in a sustained status. The principal guidelines for organic production are to use materials and practices that enhance the ecological balance of natural systems and integrate the paths of the Farming system into an Ecological Holistic system.

Organic Agricultural practices cannot ensure that products that are completely free from residues. However, methods are used to minimize pollution of air, water and soil. Organic food handlers, processors, and retailers are motivated to adhere to the National Standards that maintain the integrity of Organic Agricultural Products. The primary goal of Organic Agriculture is to optimize the health and productivity of interdependent communities of living soil, plants and people and the entire Bio system.

Genesis of Indian Society for Certification of Organic Products (ISCOP)

The concept of ISCOP emanated in the thoughts of some of the Agricultural Scientists of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) and Government of Tamil Nadu who held high position in the professional hierarchy, the dire need to introduce basic transformation in the crop cultivation techniques with the view to arrest the damages done to soil, water and the air and entire ecology and environment, consequent to indiscriminate application of synthetic chemicals. The implication of the consumption of such toxic dominated out put on the health of the populace and animals are obvious. This motivation prompted the genesis of ISCOP, which is a Professional body of Agricultural Scientists of multifarious specialization related to certification regime in its entirety. ISCOP was registered under Tamil Nadu Societies of Registration Act 27 of 1975 (No. 006/06-01-2003) on the 6th January, 2003 at Coimbatore.

Our Mission / Services

1) To encourage and promote entrepreneurial formats to strictly follow organic cultivation techniques in crop production and animal husbandry practices consistent with the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) and National Standards for Organic production (NSOP) and International standards prescribed by International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), Germany.

2) To impart training to such farmers/ operators in the art and science of organic agriculture and become eligible for organic certification.

3) To enlarge the scope of Organic certification to all seasonal and horticultural crops in order to ensure production of toxic ingredients free food consumption standards to human population and also animal health.

4) To train suitable personnel as Inspectors and Supervisors to augment expanded coverage of organic certification system.

5) To provide information on certification of Organic Agriculture to farming community and to those interested in animal husbandry and fisheries.

6) To create awareness among consumers on the importance of the certified organic products in the interest of their health and welfare of the environment and bio system.


ISCOP is an independent nationally functioning/ operating non-profit voluntary organization manned by professionals committed to Organic Agriculture and Certification. ISCOP is developing strong technical collaboration with APEDA, IFOAM, and other Overseas Certifying agencies. ISCOP is engaged in conducting field based inspection of crops and other related enterprises strictly adhering to Organic standards in production and issuance of Scope Certificate. ISCOP gives approval to firms and manufacturing food processing units involved in the production of Organic Inputs such as Organic seeds and planting material, and other bio products adopting National standards stipulated under NPOP. ISCOP undertakes Group Certification for small farmers, of minimum 25 and maximum of 500 operators which is controlled by Internal and External Agencies within the group. Group Certification is more economical for the small farmers. ISCOP is governed by the General Body and day to day management is delegated to a Managing Committee. ISCOP empowers the Certification Committee to make decision and certification of the Organic Farm and approval to input Manufacturing units. ISCOP functions under the guidelines formulated by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) ISCOP is in line with National Standards for Organic Products, notified under NPOP by Government of India. ISCOP is committed to ensure consumer’s trust in integrity and reliability of its certification marks.

Prof. Dr. K.K. Krishnamurthi, Chairman, ISCOP. B.Sc.(Ag.)., M.Sc.(Ag.)., Ph.D. (Madras Univ.)., MBA (USA). Former Professor & Head, Dept. of Soil Science & Agrl. Chemistry; Dean & Director of Extension Education, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University; Director UPASI Tea Research Institute; Chairman of the Micro-nutrients Evaluation Committee of ICAR; Chairman of the Fertilizer Control Order Updating of Govt. of India; Chairman of several Technical Committees of the State & Central Governments; Chairman & Member of various Committees of Indian Standards Institution, New Delhi, Now Chairman & Managing Trustee, Krishnamurthi International Agricultural Development Foundation; Member of Research Council of TNAU; International Agricultural and Human Resource Development Consultant; Lead Assessor Consultant of ISO 9000 Quality Control Standards and Certification; Member of the High Level Empowerment Committee on Organic Policy Formation of Tamil Nadu Government; Specialized in Soil Science and Agrl. Chemistry Organic Manure; Pollution Control & Environment Consultant Underwent Advanced Training on Setting up Organic Programmes in India organized by APEDA, Govt. of India; Member of the Organizing Committee of the First World Congress on Organic Certification held by IFOAM in Rome; Visited several overseas countries for chairing technical sessions and presenting papers; Recipient of “Bharath Gaurav Award” & “Best Citizen Award”; Homoeopathist: Advanced Pranic & Holistic & Divine Healer: Counsellor, Human Welfare & HRD. Address: 2C, May Flower Meadows, 72, Venkatasamy Road West, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore – 641 002. Ph: 0422 2544199, Mobile: 94432 43119. E-mail:

Prof. Dr. S. R. Sree Rangasamy, President, ISCOP. B.Sc.(Ag), M.Sc.(Ag), Ph.D., Former Director, School of Genetics: Founder- Director of Centre for Plant Molecular Biology, TNAU, Coimbatore. Dean Basic Sciences and 1st Principal of First KVK In India. After retirement, General manager (R&D) of Hi-Tech Agri. Division, Birla Seeds. Involved in Hybrid research in field and vegetable crops, floriculture establishment. Consultant- Geneticists of Agro Axon and A&D Greece. Presently serving as a Regional Research Director(R&D), Vibha Agrotech Ltd, Coimbatore.  Have extensive field based experience in a wide variety of Agricultural and Horticultural crops. Field of Specialization are Cytogenetics of Rice, Banana, Cotton, Pennisetum and Guava. His primary research dimension was on plant tissue culture in Rice and Sorghum, and Micro propagation in Banana and Cardamom. Dr. SRS is a recipient of 14 medals and awards for his meritorious contributions, Had attended 4 national and International conferences, besides being the Director of many Seminars and Conferences. Have to his credit more than 220 scientific papers published in National and International journals. Served as a member of ICAR Research Advisory Committee and member of Academic council of TNAU, Coimbatore. Dr. SRS was a fellow of Indian Society of Genetics (1985), Fellow of National Academy of Sciences (1995) and Research Fellow, American Biographical Institute 2005. Pursuant to his specialization visited more than 16 countries like Philippines, Russia and China and International R&D centre Tokita Mikada and Monsanto. Address: 12, First avenue, New Thillai Nagar, Coimbatore 641 041. Ph: 0422 2454031; Mobile: 94432 95403; Email:

Prof. Dr. V. Prakasam, Vice President & Chief Executive Officer, ISCOP. B.Sc.(Ag), M.Sc.(Ag), Ph.D., Former Professor and Head, Department of Plant Pathology, Centre for  Plant Protection Studies, TNAU, Coimbatore. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Krishnamurthi International agricultural Development Foundation(KIADEF), Coimbatore. He is recipient of several fellowships, medals and awards: ICAR Junior & Senior Fellowship, Aspee Gold Medal, Rao Saheb N. Murugesa Mudaliar Prize, Dr.A.L. Mudaliar Prize, Sr. S.R.P. Ponnuswamy chettiar Shield and Medal, Shri. P.S. Jivanna Rao Medal, Dr. Puro Medal, Best Under Graduate Teacher Award (1994), ICAR Best Teacher Award (1999), Bharat Ratna Dr.C.Subramanian Award for Out Standing Teacher (2001), Dr.B. B Mundkur Memorial Lecture Award of Indian Phyto pathological Society New Delhi (2011) ans Natsevai Ratna of Valai Siddhar Ahramam, Thiruvannamalai. Has published 11 text books, 120 research papers in National and International journals and chapters for 18 books. Presented 154 abstrated papers were presented in Seminars/ Symposium/ Conferences and Workshops. Operated more than 14 schemes funded by National and International Agencies/ Institutes. The field of specialization are Mushroom cultivation, Horticultural Pathology and Bio control. Developed cultivation techniques for Grey Oyster mushroom, Paddy straw Mushroom and four new mushrooms, including two New Milky Mushroom species. Established Mushroom Theme Park at TNAU, Coimbatore. He is Founder- Chairman of the Mushroom Foundation of India. Have done extensive research of diseases of seasonal and perennial fruit crops including a number of Spices and Condiments. Have reported 15 new diseases in India mainly on spices and fruit crops, Life Member of Indian Phytopathological Society, Indian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology, Sikkim Science Society, Mushroom Society of Indai, Society for Bio Control Advancement, National academy of Biological Sciences.  Served as South zone President of Indian Phytopathological Society and active Member of the Editorial Board of the Indian Phytopathology. President, Valai Siddar Aanmiga Peravai, Thiruvannamalai. Address: 28-A (New 53), Shanmugaraja Puram, Selvapuram (North), Coimbatore – 641 026. Mobile: 9842243797, 8675164864. E-mail:

Prof. Dr. P. Muthuvel, Chief Operating Officer, ISCOP, B.Sc.(Ag), M.Sc.(Ag), Ph.D., Former Professor and Head, Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, TNAU, Coimbatore. Published nearly 50 research articles in National and International journals. Attended 16th World Congress of Soil Science held in France during 1998 and presented a research paper. Has served in different capacities in the University assignments. Have to his credit rich experience in the field of sunflower nutrition, dry land agriculture and Water management. Was instrumental for obtaining fellowship for PG programme from Rockefeller Foundation, USA and national Institutions. Life member of  Madras Agricultural  Students Union, Indian Society of Soil Survey and Land use Planning, Member of National Executive Committee, Indian Society of Soil Survey and Land use Planning 1997-98 and Vice President, Indian Society of Soil Science 2004-2005. Address: 43/20, 3rd cross, Om Ganesh Nagar, Vadavalli, Coimbatore 641041. Ph: 0422 2424693, Mobile: 94434 36052

Prof. Dr.S.Chellamuthu, B.Sc.(Ag.), M.Sc. (Ag.), Ph.D. in Soil Science and Agricultural chemistry, TNAU, Coimbatore, Former Professor and Head, Department of Forest Soils, FC & RI, Mettupalayam, TNAU, Director, Water Technology Centre, TNAU, Coimbatore. Chairman and member of various committees: Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi, Ministry of Water Resources, Chennai. Published more than 100 research papers and authored three books and six chapters in different books on agriculture and water management. Guided three Ph.D. scholars and eight M.Sc.(Ag) scholars. Awarded state Merit scholarship, ICAR Junior fellowship, Dr.A.N. Puri medal for best Ph.D. scholar. Awarded with the following awards and prizes: The Meritorious service Award, The rotary Water award, and UN water award for best water management practices. Countries visited are Vietnam, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia and U.S.A. Address: Sree Gokulam, 19, Second Cross Street, Arun Nagar, Vadavalli, Coimbatore – 641 041. Mobile: 94438 99075, E-Mail:

Prof. Dr. P. Narayanasamy, B.Sc.(Ag.)., M.Sc.(Ag.)., Ph.D. (Madras Univ.) Post Doctoral Research Fellow of International Rice Research Institute, Manila, Philippines; Former Virus Pathologist, IARI New Delhi, Professor & Head, Dept. of Plant Pathology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University; Designated Inspection Authority for Post-entry Quarantine (PEQ) for Certification; Specialized in plant diseases and their control; Author of 19 books on Crop Diseases Diagnosis and Management and Food Safety published in the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom; Editor and Member of Editorial Boards of Several Scientific Journals. Educational Co-ordinator of Udhavum Karangal, a Social Service Organization and associated with HelpAge, India, New Delhi and CRY, Bangalore; Address: Grand Parade Apartment, 32-D, Thilagar Street, R.S Puram, Coimbatore – 641 002. Ph : (0422) 2546797. E-mail :, Mobile : 99430 46797 Rtn.

Dr. P. Jayaraman, Research Scholar in Technology Management, Post Graduate in Business Administration,
Certified Project Management Professional and holds a basic degree in Agricultural Sciences. Innovation Explorer – Insight Bio-Ventures, Hyderabad, India. 17 years’ experience in Pharmaceuticals R&D, Bio-processing, Project Management, new technology intervention and Quality. He started Insight Bio-ventures India Private Limited to promote Bio-Pharma, Bio-foods, Organic Products and Life Sciences Innovation based companies through scalable
new technologies. Specializes in climate change friendly technologies that replaces existing technologies for sustainable manufacturing and eco-friendly products. Current technology focus includes scientific organic processing, bio-manufacturing, cell based product alternatives, tissue based 3D technologies, nanofibers and bio-informatics. In this endeavour he has incubated 6 companies that commercializes various core technologies in to products. Developed a consortium of scientists and experts that resulted in a repository of scalable technology pipeline for commercialization. Insight Bio-ventures is a result of the effort taken to prospect the technology pipeline. He supports ISCOP as a scientific advisor with organic processing, climate change agriculture and non-
GMO validations. Mobile: 99497 74740,

Prof. Dr. N. Viswanathan, B.Sc.(Ag.)., M.Sc.(Ag.)., MBA., Ph.D. (TNAU). Former Extension Officer in Agriculture & Marketing, Professor & Head, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University; Specialized in Agricultural Extension, Small Farmer Adoption Methods and Communication Patterns. Rendering Service to Shivanjali & to the needy. Address: 26, Gopal Layout, Ponnaiyarajapuram, Coimbatore – 641 001. Ph: 0422 2470197.

P. V Naga Yogitha, Post graduate in Bio-informatics and a graduate in Genetics, 13 years of experience in Natural Products based Drug Discovery and Bioinformatics industry, Bioregulations and Organic regulations. She has been associated with Sristi Bio-sciences Private Limited as a practice leader of organic products managing the organic supply chain. Her expertise covers harmonisation of global regulations and process compliance. She supports ISCOP as an advisor for scheme compliance, regulatory documentation and new scheme development. E-mail:

Prof. Dr. A.S. Ponnuswamy, B.Sc.(Ag), M.Sc.(Ag), Ph.D., Former Professor and Head, Department of Seed Science and Technology, TNAU, Coimbatore. Served as ICAR Emeritus Scientist at TNAU. Field of specializations are Seed production, Seed certification, Quality Control and Seed Technology Research for high value seeds. Actively involved in Seed production of Agricultural, Horticultural and Tree crops; Seed processing, Marketing and Seed quality improvement. He underwent training on Hybrid Rice seed production in China and attended International Master Class Training on Seed Technology at Netherlands. Have to his credit publication of 5 articles in International journals, 19 articles in National journals, 3 books and contributed articles for 7 books. Handled 20 research projects and was responsible for innovations in the discipline of Seed Technology. Address: S-3, K.K. Residency, No. 3, Venkatasamy Road (East), R.S.Puram, Coimbatore – 641 002. Ph : 0422  2544088 Mobile: 94420 01517 E-mail:

Prof. Dr. V.P.Duraisami, B.Sc(Ag.), M.Sc(Ag), Ph.D. in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Former Deputy Registrar (Examinations), Professor and Head, Department of Soil Science and Agrl. Chemistry, and Special Officer, Directorate of Natural Resource Management. Awarded V. C Vellingiri Medal for Best Research Worker 2001 —2002 and Chaudhary Devi Lal Outstanding AICRP Award —2001 and Life Member – Madras Agricultural Students Union, Mysore Journal of Agrl. Sciences, Indian Society of Agrl. Resource Management, Indian Society of Soil Science, Arid Zone Research Association of India, South Indian Horticultural Association, TNAU Alumni Association, Association of Rice Research Workers. Guided seven P.G students and five Ph.D scholars. Visited countries viz., Philippines and New Zealand and undergone training programmes and attended conferences. Handled externally funded schemes sponsored by CSIR. Authored in books, book Chapters and also published ninety five research articles in Indian and foreign journals. Address:19, East First Cross, TAUTA Nagar Vadavalli, Coimbatore – 641 041. Mobile: 99943 19859.E-mail :

Prof.Dr.K.Thangavel, (B.E.Ag),M.Tech,Ph.D is an Agricultural Engineer with specialization in Food and Dairy engineering from IIT Kharagpur, currently Professor and Head ,Centre for Post Harvest Technology, TNAU, Coimbatore. He has guided 27 M.Tech and 7 Ph.D scholars in addition to his 30 years of teaching in the frontier areas of Food engineering and Post harvest technology.  Published 60 research papers in peer reviewed National and International Research Journals. Instrumental in starting of B.Tech (food process engineering) degree programme at TNAU. Visiting Professor at Cornell University, USA for the dual degree programme in food processing and marketing. Visiting Researcher at McGill University, Canada in the field of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology and established the Post Harvest Technology Centre at TNAU. Established a modern dairy plant with 1000lit/hr milk processing facility at Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS, Chennai, and operated successfully as a teaching and  commercial production unit. Designed and established the Food Business Incubator with Pilot plant facilities for fruits, vegetables, spices and bakery at PHTC, TNAU, and successfully incubated more than 50 Entrepreneurs in Food business. Address: P 19 Staff Quarters,TNAU Campus, Coimbatore-3 Email:, Mob: 9443940969

Dr.Punniamurthi.N, M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (Pharmacology and Toxicology) Dip in SMS, Professor and Head, Ethnoveterinary Herbal Training and Research Centre ,Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, TANUVAS. Experience 36 years in teaching, extension and research and guided two Ph.D scholars,42 PGDip EVP and 4 M.V Sc.. Over 30 research papers and 90 scientific and technical presentations in international and national seminars/conferences and has authored or co-authored  15 books/ book chapters. Awarded Gold medal for best Ph.D in Avian Diseases (1995-1996) TANUVAS.Gold medal from Society of Toxicology (STOX) in 2000 at Palampur HP, Achievement award for Ethno Veterinary medicinal recipes dissemination, awarded by Thamizhar vazhviyal iyakkam, Trichy  2005, Tamil Nadu Scientist award (TANSA 2013) by the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology – for a decade of research accomplishments, Life time achievement award from Government Siddha Medical College in their Golden Jubilee 2014 celebrations at Palayamkottai, Life time Achievement award by Amma seva trust Pondicherry 2015. Address: Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, TANUVAS Near R.T.O Office, Thanjavur – Trichy Highway, Thanjvur – 613 403. Mobile: 98424 55833. E-mail:

Mrs.I.Surya Narmada B.Sc (Hort),M.Sc (Hort),Consultant in Horticulture, Land Scaping, Horticulture therapy, Agriculture Arbitration and Govt., (Regd.) Valuer (Agricultural Lands) and providing online Horticulture Advisory Service. Specialist in Flower arrangement, Organic Home Gardening, Kitchen Gardening, Roof gardening and Bonsai. Address: G2, Plot No.108, Majestic Colony, Valasaravakkam, Chennai – 600 087. Ph:044 49595857, Mobile: 98402 13912, E-mail:

Mr.K.Saravanan, B.Sc (Ag), M.Sc. (Ag), TNAU. Worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow (PDF) in Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) sponsored research project in TNAU. Former Assistant Professor in Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry. Consultant in Soil resource management, organic and natural farming. Local and international business in organic and natural food products. Address: 52, Espeeyare Homes, Cheran Nagar Backside, GN Mills post, Coimbatore-641029. Mob: +91 9443295785 E-mail:

Mr.K.S.Naaghanathan B.E (EEE), AMIE. Specialized in developing business plans for micro & small enterprises. Experienced in extending financial consultancy services to the SMEs in the areas of Project financing / Financial tie-up for micro & small entrepreneurs, Working capital management, Government schemes & funding options, Financial health assessment of business enterprises, Risk assessment & mitigation mechanism. Gained exposure to Business Insurance for Income Tax saving, 5S methodology (workplace organization), Licensed Insurance Advisor, Certified Acupuncturist, Pursuing adaptation of alternate healing therapies like colour therapy, sujok acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki. Passionate about organic agriculture. Address: 10/58, Central Excise Colony, P.N.Pudur, Coimbatore – 641 041. Mobile: 78716 07878, E-mail:

Mr.P.N.Selvanandan, B.Sc. (Statistics), M.Sc. (Statistics), Dip.Homeo.Med, Dip.Acu, Dip. Auyurvedic Med, Dip.Magnetotherapy. As Marketing Manager of M/s. Stallion Pharmaceuticals, Bangalore, served over 15 years, travelled across India and gained experience in marketing pharma products. In the capacity of Vice President of M/s. Xpression Biotek Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, shouldered the responsibility of managing the Marketing & Sales divisions of the company and promoted the company’s Bio technology products ranging from Allopathic Medicines to Clinical Diagnostic Kits across India. Served as Chief Marketing Officer of M/s. Salvansi Food Products, Marketing Fresh and Pure Organic Food Products. Certified “Quality Professional” issued by Textiles Committee (Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India).“National Coordinator” for Skill Development Training Courses under the Pradhan Mantri  Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) and National Skill Development Mission (NSDM) Schemes. Providing Consultancy Services for Marketing of Organic Food Supplements like Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Moringa, Single Herbal Powders & Formulations. Address: 4A, Abi Apartments, No 99, Krishnammal Street, KK Pudur Post, Sai Baba Colony, Coimbatore – 641 038, Mobile : 9943214546 & 9363220536, Email: